Mrs. Prada at the top of the special ranking of the Web Reputation in Rosa

Miuccia Prada is at the top of the 2021 ranking of online reputation: a domain that has continued since the beginning of the year and which sees Lady Prada reap the benefits of a company path that has registered a 2021 as a protagonist .

To emerge, however, in the ranking drawn up monthly by Top Manager through the survey carried out by Reputation Science , an internationally renowned statistical observatory, is the strong influence that the Milanese designer is able to transfer on the network, and even more the key role that fashion plays in the web imagination , populated by various executives in the sector particularly esteemed by the public of the Bel Paese.

The survey, which has seen Prada triumph for months now, is carried out through an action of monitoring and analyzing news that travels online, on social networks and on blogs, comparing them with a calculation of the evolution of the reputation of each top manager. .

The result is then translated in terms of quantity – such as the volume of growth – and quality , that is the system of values that guides the performance of each character analyzed. In the case of the designer and CEO of Prada, both economic goals , such as the growth of 60% in the first half of 2021, and initiatives related to sustainability contributed to the first place. Last but not least, the breath of fresh air brought to the collections with the entry of Raf Simons in creative co-direction.

The results as a manager of the last year are, however , the result of an incredible career of a woman who tiptoed into the shop that belonged to her uncle, transforming it over the years into a global brand , universally recognized for quality, class, elegance and originality.

Opera Prima tailoring, which has been a partner of Prada for years, has been pursuing a company philosophy based on quality, craftsmanship and sustainability for half a century, and recognizes the extraordinary successes of the Milanese brand worldwide as the path to follow as an example and as a model for making fashion luxury strictly Made in Italy an absolute must. Simply the best in the world. A perfect act .