The study is the father of competence

Form professionalism

The multi-year partnership with the fashion address of the Vincenzo Moretti professional institute has allowed us, over the years, to host and train young talents from the sartorial world through 80-hour internships in which our tutors guide future resources in paths of theoretical and practical learning of the highest level.

Generational change

This initiative has allowed us a real turnover between and generations, giving the young students of the area the opportunity to touch the world of work with their own hands and to test themselves in a highly competitive context, with a high sense of responsibility, with a constant direct line. with the best fashion brands in the world.

Social impact

Significantly shorten the distance between the world of school and the world of work, allow local children to put into practice the concepts learned in the classrooms, give the opportunity to absorb and metabolize real skills, to spend, nurture and increase in a market of increasingly demanding work: this is our goal, with the vocation of investing in talent, always.

Valentina Ciccotti

Cutting Department

Silvia Martella

Cutting Department

Beatrice Di Giorgio

Cutting Department

Opera Prima tailoringAcademy

Every year, for over 12 years, we have been pleased to host from 5 to 9 students in the Sartoria Opera Prima as part of the school-work alternation program.
The goal is to provide students with a real learning experience, which can give tangible and exploitable value in the present and in the future, in the didactic and in the workplace.

This happens thanks to the connection with all the professional technical schools with a focus on fashion present in the area, schools that we consider as a precious resource from which to draw and with which to collaborate in an extremely positive way for all the parties involved, company, school and students who touch with a reality, ours, which boasts a very important history and experience at an international level.

Operationally, once the students are received in the company, we proceed with a first cognitive phase, and then move on to a work program consisting of 50% theory and 50% practice.

At the end of the internship, lasting 80 hours, a certificate of attendance, with evaluation and curriculum, is issued to the students involved.

For those who stand out during the internship there is the possibility, after completing their studies, to join the Sartoria Opera Prima team.

Shortening the school-work gap is the mission of our Academy; this is a factor demonstrated by the people: Valentina, who came as a student in 2012, has now become the head of the cutting section together with Beatrice, who has become the head of the mask section. And that’s just the beginning.