Since 1973 ⸻

A unique process

We work with the awareness of a modus operandi structured over time thanks to specialization, study, talent and creativity. Our divisions, although divided by sector, work hand in hand with the aim of giving birth to a perfect act, a perfect product.
Our process begins its journey with the design of the models : The modeling department allows designs and sketches by stylists and costume designers to come to life and be transformed into top quality workmanship.

With the same passion as ever ⸻
We design perfection

The digitization of the models takes place by means of the processing of paper projects in our CAD station: it is precisely here that the model begins to travel on the network and begins to become an autonomous body, ready to be prototyped.

Between tradition and innovation
Taking care of even the smallest detail ⸻

The class takes shape

The Sartoria Opera Prima offers a special space, dedicated to the fitting of the prototype of the designed and produced garment, supporting the customer in the delicate operation of debugging and in the creation of technical sheets of packaging and bill of materials.

For a unique experience ⸻
We are partner of our client

From theory to practice, from ideation to technique: our process is marked by the continuous search for perfection in every single act , with all the actors participating in a decisive way in an exclusive, incomparable, unmistakable show.
In this regard, it is our pattern making department that satisfies the needs related to an industrial standard size development system, offering, however, as many customized and tailored solutions particularly appreciated in theatrical and cinematographic environments .

The best professionals
To keep up with the times ⸻

The continuous search for perfection

We are characterized by the unstoppable desire to give the customer a perfect experience at every juncture, be it process, sampling or delivery.
For this reason Sartoria Opera Prima is structured for the management of small and large work orders , to ensure its partners a complete professional support from the design of the models to the presentation to the public in the fashion show.

Fall in love with beauty ⸻
Animated by passion

Sartoria Opera Prima is already a point of reference for international high fashion brands.
The reason is simple and lies in the experience in the processing of the various production phases managed in the cutting, preparation, adhesive, trimming, marking, sewing, pre-ironing, final ironing, testing, bagging and shipping departments of the garments.
Guided by the awareness of our means, our only goal is to never stop and not set ourselves limits , with the desire to continue the growth process that has characterized us for years, from Abruzzo, from Milan, open to the whole world.