Touch and Creation

Processing that begins with the taking over of the sketch, and then continues with the design of the model, the search for the fabric and planning.
Processing in 10 days.


Creation of the first garment: the prototype is implemented on the basis of the indications and materials provided in the smallest details by the stylist of the brand worked.
Processing in 5 days.


With reference to the technical data sheet and the necessary materials, the repetitions of the sample of the final product in basic size are carried out.
Processing in 7 days.


Final processing, in series, which takes place on the basis of the materials and the final technical data sheet provided by the client company after sampling.
Complete cycle in 3 weeks.

Processed products


Purely manual needle-thread processing with the involvement of 23 seamstresses in the re-stitching.


Tailoring of coats, jackets, coats and raincoats.

Real goose down duvet

Processing of sack duvets or direct injection on the garment.

Dress, skirt, trousers

Tailoring of dresses, skirts and trousers in combination with outerwear.


Men’s and women’s scarves and leather panels padded with goose down.