The art of knowing how to do

We preserve and enhancethe creative focus of the debut.

We preserve and enhancethe creative focus of the debut.

Outerwear artists, from birth.

Producing outerwear for the best luxury fashion brands worldwide is a responsibility, an action that takes place through the awareness of skill and talent indelibly imprinted in the Sartoria Opera Prima DNA.
A team of professional seamstresses at work every day pursuing a goal that is combined with passion: the creation of unique outerwear, created for those who love to wear perfection, always.


We begin our work with the belief that it will have to be perfect.
By perfection we mean the act of designing each work in a detailed way to bring it to completion with the sartorial craftsmanship that distinguishes us, developing unique outerwear.
Every single process is a rare example of perfection.


Improving the world of fashion.
Do it with our creative tension .
We want to commit ourselves to handing down perfect first works.
First works composed of perfect acts , recognizable at the first touch.

People, before the act.

William Di Marco

Act 1. "Clothes have the same function as communication: they help define the aesthetics of a moment" M. Prada

Sartoria Opera Prima SpA was born as a natural evolution of the historical tailoring business of the Di Marco family, from the heart of Abruzzo to reach the whole world.
The founder, Guglielmo Di Marco, started his tailoring business at the beginning of 1973 and right from the start his company stood out for its high quality standards, so much so that it became a real point of reference for the outerwear of the major luxury brands of Made. in Italy.
Brioni, Prada and MaxMara are just some of the historical brands that have chosen us in Italy, accompanied by world brands of French fashion that we have been supporting for years in the production of unparalleled quality garments.

Act 2. "If you can dream it, you can do it" E. Ferrari

Over the years, thanks to the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of the heir of the founder Guglielmo Di Marco, William, today at the helm of the company, Sartoria Opera Prima has extended its experience to the automotive sector, best performing its skills for world-class companies such as McLaren, Lamborghini and Aston Martin, among others.
The processing of car interiors, dashboards, seats and finishes in leather and alcantara by our company is now recognized worldwide as an icon of excellence and added value for brands that tell the international history of motoring on the road and on the track.

Act 3. "The only realist is a visionary" F. Fellini

In 2018, again thanks to the high tailoring skills of its staff, a further turning point arrives for the SOP world: the production of clothes for theatrical and cinematographic performances is started, with a constant supply of costumes for stage performances at the La Scala Theater. of Milan and with a collaboration with Sartoria Tirelli, a company that boasts 17 Oscar awards and collaborations with the best directors, screenwriters and actors on the world scene.

Act 4. "In the midst of difficulties, opportunities arise" A. Einstein

The explosion of the pandemic at the beginning of 2020 is immediately combined with an awareness on the part of the company in wanting to concretely contribute to the moment of enormous difficulty for the whole nation: the SOP Medical Division is born, an asset dedicated to the production of personal protective equipment and medical devices of the highest quality, born from the fusion of first-rate sartorial skills and a structure – partially reconverted for necessity – equipped with the highest standards of hygiene and safety.
The industrial plan currently provides for an annual production of FFP2 masks and surgical masks, with the use of 15 direct resources and an additional 40 work units.

Act 5. "The world is a beautiful place, and it's worth fighting for"E. Hemingway

Our desire, our projection from here to the years to come is to characterize ourselves as a group that makes quality and sustainability its founding principles.
This not only in the exquisitely tailored sector, with the fashion, theater and automotive divisions, or with the production of masks, therefore SOP Medical Division.
The boundless passion for nature and for our territory has led us to the production of organic food and wine products, with zero impact, with a unique processing and a green oriented configuration to be increased over the years.
Tenuta Rosburgo, the “zero kilometer” brand that represents our wine, our oil and our pasta, 100% organic products, can be defined as the apotheosis of the zero impact that our commercial movement intends to achieve in the coming years through concrete actions, based on the protection and care of the environment, on love and enhancement for the territory, on the maximum exaltation of Made in Italy in all its excellences, tailoring, automotive, medical and food and wine.