From Abruzzo to Rodeo Drive

Quality without borders: Brioni lands in the luxury of Beverly Hills with a new store to be discovered.
We are located in Rodeo Drive , Via Montenapoleone or Via Condotti in the heart of Los Angeles, a stone’s throw from Beverly Gardens Park and side by side with Hollywood celebrities .
Celebrities including Brad Pitt , testimonial for the latest Brioni campaign as well as protagonist of the store launch in Los Angeles.
The all Made in Italy elegance and Californian luxury therefore translate into the stars and stripes store of one of the most famous brands in the world for what concerns men’s outerwear and bespoke tailoring.

The know-how of Made in Italy fashion lands in the heart of California.

The colors of Beverly Hills with Brioni

The Brioni store in Rodeo Drive retraces the chromatic shades of Beverly Hills, bringing back the sand color, the forest green and the blue / sky blue of the sky.
However, to give prestige to the shop are the pieces of furniture and design strictly Made in Italy, made in the middle of the last century by the architects Carlo Scarpa and Achille Castiglioni .
Italian imprint also on the facade, in green marble, and on the walls, with wonderful hand-woven tapestries by the Genoese manufacturer Mita .
Apotheosis of quality that only Made in Italy is able to transmit and guarantee, a timeless quality.

The unmistakable all-Italian class.

Shared quality, always

Sartoria Opera Prima shares with Brioni not only the land of origin, Abruzzo, a land that proliferates in textile art and which sees its maximum concreteness in world-famous brands such as Brioni, but also a multi-year partnership capable of giving birth to the highest quality garments loved by men from all over the world, from China to the USA, passing through Europe and of course Italy, the cradle of fashion luxury since ever.