Perfect Act

Quality needs to be told and communicated down to the smallest detail: we started from this assumption before we began our re-branding project that touched every single virtual corner of our company.
We are a tailor shop with more than half a century of history and we work on behalf of the world’s top fashion luxury brands.Behind all this is a precious history, a history made up of people, scenes, and acts.
And it is from the acts that we decided to start to describe ourselves, our business, the process that leads to making outerwear, costumes for film and theater, leather and fabric components for luxury automobiles, and much, but really much more.
The Sartoria logo encapsulates a bit of all this, and is the emblem of what we have communicatively wanted to accomplish and want to carry forward over the years, increasing our efforts and passion for a job that, truly, we will never tire of.

We don’t know what it means to be satisfied; on the contrary, we constantly work to increase and strengthen a process resulting from strategy, innovation, experience and sacrifices. To distinguish us, to distinguish you.

A touch that encapsulates everything

The brand Sartoria Opera Prima represents in fact a touch, the touch: the authorial imprint of those who begin their work with the conviction that it must be perfect. Perfection means the act of designing each work in detail, painstakingly, meticulously, with the goal of bringing it to fruition with the sartorial craftsmanship that distinguishes our sense of being, our workmanship, our unique process.
We work every day with the intention of improving the fashion world, and we want to do so by putting our creative tension at the center. We want to commit ourselves to handing down perfect first works, continuing to do everything we have known how to do for more than 50 years.
First works composed of perfect acts, recognizable at the first touch, the touch Sartoria Opera Prima, the perfect act.

Passion, training, experience, all of this brings every single Sartoria Opera Prima workmanship to be a rare example of perfection etched in history.

People before leaders

Behind all of this, however, we must never forget, are the people: our company’s sartorial process is the marriage of history and the avant-garde, and is based on the skills and experience of a team composed of seamstresses with decades of history, women who are often joined by their daughters and colleagues who now represent a true family. Succession, passion passed down from generation to generation makes our products a perfect act, inextricably linked to the best fashion, film and automotive brands globally.
Study, continuous training, our academy, looking to the future without neglecting tradition: all this has allowed us to become what we are today, a tailor shop that starts from Abruzzo to touch every corner of the globe, with the passion to transmit our creative tension to companies that choose to rely on our skills to show the world unique garments.

The story, the process, the works, the faces and the past, present and future history of Sartoria Opera Prima can be found from today on our website, the portal where we have chosen to communicate to the world who we are, what we do and what we will become.