Our history in the world

For half a century we have been working on a full cycle of fabrics and garments destined for the fashion, theater and automotive markets, collaborating with the best brands in the world.

"The day I decided to create this company was the day I decided to have a perfect company."
William Di Marco

Founder & CEO

Opera Prima tailoring


Production area


Outerwear produced annually

01. Model and CAD room

The place where every project begins.

02. Cutting room

For each fabric its processing.

03. Ironing room

The right crease for creature.

04. Sewing department

The processes finally come to life.

05. Department dot to man

11 machines and 65 seamstresses for the perfect product.

06. Goose down department

Internal injection or bag processing.

07. Test department

Testing and division precede the final shipment.

Half a century between tradition and innovation

The tailoring process of our company is the marriage of history and avant-garde, with a team of seamstresses with decades of experience, women often supported by their daughters and colleagues who now represent a real family. The succession, the passion handed down from generation to generation makes our products a perfect act, inextricably linked to the best brands in fashion, cinema and automotive on a global level.