Stage costumes for the show

For film and theater

We create unique and rare quality clothes with flexibility and adaptability. Always ready to meet the needs of the best theater and film productions.

Our process

1 The meeting with the costume designer

Just as each era has its own fashion, each play or film has its own distinctive style and character.

Our goal is to bring to life

the ideas of costume designers by collaborating at all stages of production.
The cognitive meeting with those who embody this concept is essential for the correct interpretation and enhancement of each and every detail.

2 Realization sketch

The sketch possesses a charm of its own because it provides insight into the stages of conception and development of an artistic idea.

3 Prototyping phase

At this stage of processing, in addition to packaging, testing of the selected lines and materials takes place for the project to come to life.

4 Making stage costumes

A dress is a work of art: tailoring becomes the tool that, with meticulousness and precision, transforms a concept into a work destined to be remembered in time.

Our productions

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